Andrew Ho's Works

Game Designer, Producer, Voiceover Arist

Vision by Proxy

Vision by Proxy – Second Edition Trailer from Chris DeLeon on Vimeo.

Role: Producer, Sound Design for Vision by Proxy: 2nd Edition, additional level design for Ms. Vision by Proxy

Vision by Proxy was first conceived in Professor Celia Pearce’s ‘Game Design as a Cultural Practice’ course, where I worked as project manager among four other students to create a simple Flash game that had certain constraints, such as no violence and no cliche scenarios. In 2010, I submitted our game to IndieCade, an independent game festival held yearly in Culver City, CA.  Our game was chosen to be presented at the IndieCade E3 Showcase, where our team was invited to E3 2010 to show our game to other indie game developers, attendees and industry professionals.

Original Team

  • Rose Peng (Artist)
  • Danni Arabov (Artist)
  • Andrew Brausell (Programmer)
  • Ning Song (Programmer)
  • Travis Harkleload (Music)

The following semester, I recruited additional team members to replace some of the students who were graduating and unable to continue working, as I wanted to follow up on the positive feedback that we received at E3. After a year of work, all done independently of our coursework, Vision by Proxy: 2nd Edition was released online to Flash game sites such as Newgrounds and Kongregate. Our revised art style, focus on gameplay and level design brought in over 2 million plays within a month of release.

Vision by Proxy: Second Edition Team:

  • Chris DeLeon (Programmer, Level Designer)
  • Rose Peng (Background Artist)
  • Christine Wu (Character Artist, Cutscene Artist)



Ms. Vision by Proxy Team:

  • Chris DeLeon (Programmer, Level Designer)
  • Rose Peng (UI Artist, Environmental Art for Girl, Architect, Gamer & Sailor)
  • Christine Wu (Character Art, Animation, Gardener & Otaku Eye)
  • Cindy Wu (Environmental Art for Girl and Architect Eye)
  • Kara Yogan (Environmental Art for Sailor Eye)
  • Professor Shyguy (Music Composition)
  • Patrick Coursey (Writer, additional level design for Ms. Vision by Proxy)
  • Chris Davis (Sound Design for Ms. Vision by Proxy)

Ms. Vision by Proxy is the sequel to Vision by Proxy: Second Edition and was released in March 2013 to Kongregate and Newgrounds. This game possesses the same base gameplay mechanic from Second Edition in that the protagonist has to steal people’s eyes in order to see the world around them in very interesting and colorful ways, though much else has been added. Addressing feedback from the previous game that players wanted more artwork, levels, while offering an easier experience for beginners, Ms. Vision by Proxy has twice as much artwork now, ten campaign levels in addition to more challenge levels, and a refined UI that offers hints to new players.  We also added a new soundtrack from independent artist Professor Shyguy, and had an experienced sound designer, Chris Davis, work on sound design for the game. Ms. Vision by Proxy has been featured on Jay Is Games and will be submitted to independent game festivals and contests over the following months.

Ms Vision by Proxy – Sneak Peek from Chris DeLeon on Vimeo.