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Game Designer, Producer, Voiceover Arist

About Me

Drawn by the talented Christine Wu


Educational Summary
  • Graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with BS in Computational Media
  • Graduating in May 2012 from Georgia Institute of Technology with MS in Digital Media
Work Experience Summary
  • Mobile QA Tester at Undead Labs
  • Generalist Tester at Bungie Inc.
  • Test Associate 2 at Microsoft Studios
  • Mobile QA Tester at PopCap Games
  • QA Intern at Hi-Rez Studios (May 2011-August 2011)
  • Design Track Director at Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo (2010-2012)

I was born and raised in Auburn, AL, moving between Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee until finally settling down in Macon, GA. With a few course projects and small games under my belt by the game I graduated from GA Tech as an undergraduate in Computational Media, I went back for another two years of graduate studies in Digital Media. I’ve worked as QA Intern at Hi-Rez Studios and I constantly to game such as E3, GDC and PAX East. Working with my team members on the Vision by Proxy series has been my most rewarding achievement yet and I’m looking forward to working on more projects as a game designer and producer. So far I’ve had a few years of QA experience working in bustling Seattle (along with Bellevue and Redmond technically), and am very much enjoying life up in the Pacific Northwest!

(Image attributed to Christine Wu)