Andrew Ho's Works

Game Designer, Producer, Voiceover Arist


Since 2009, I have worked with the {egg} (Emergent Game Group) at GA Tech, led by Professor Celia Pearce. The two projects I have worked on are:

Mermaids – An experimental MMO that takes place under the seas, with the players taking the role of mermaids trying to rediscover their long-abandoned culture.

Ellis Island – A historical MMO based on early 20th Century New York City, depicting the immigrant experience through Ellis Island.

I began as a designer on Ellis Island in 2009, working with other students to design high-level game systems and playtest prototypes. I also led the playtesting team in the {egg}, playtesting prototypes and demos to subjects at GA Tech and at local schools.

Eventually, by the summer of 2010 I began  to take on a team manager role as the number of new students in the group continued to expand. I worked to assign new students to particular teams and roles, scheduled meetings, recorded notes and assigned tasks to team members.